D.O. Once Again Proved He’s EXO’s Biggest Fan Ever

EXO-Ls are ready to name him the fandom president!

EXO-Ls know that there’s no bigger EXO fan than D.O. Afterall he’s always showing lots of love to his fellow members and cheering them on! While he’s shown he’s a huge EXO stan countless times before, fans are loving his latest declaration of love for the group.

8 Times D.O. Proved He Is The Biggest EXO Fan Out Of The Whole Group


During the latest episode of I’ll Show You: EXO Arcade, they saw D.O.’s inner fanboy come out! After D.O.’s team lost the human curling game…


D.O. was tasked with performing an EXO fanchant!


Even before he officially started the challenge, he was pretty pumped!


And as soon as he started his inner EXO fanboy came out!


The longer he did the fanchant to “Tempo” the more he got into it…


And even did a cute dance just for the members!


Everyone couldn’t help but smile at his sweet dedication to the challenge…


And they weren’t afraid to tell him how much they loved it!


But they weren’t the only ones who love fanboy D.O., EXO-Ls have been loving it too!


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