Star Wars Introduced Their Newest Droid “D.O.” And EXO-Ls Have The Best Response Ever

EXO-Ls are having a lot of fun with the news:

Star Wars fans were recently introduced to the newest droid in a galaxy far, far away! While it’s already been getting a very positive response from Star Wars fans, it’s also caught the attention of EXO-Ls!


At a recent presentation for the upcoming Star Wars movie, “Star Wars: Episode IX — The Rise Of Skywalker”, a new droid was revealed to the world. While everyone couldn’t get over how cute this droid was, EXO-Ls were quick to notice that it was introduced by the name “D.O.”!


Although there are a few different spellings of the name going around, one of them is none other than the exact same spelling as EXO‘s D.O! And as expected of EXO-Ls, they’ve come up with some very clever, creative, and downright hilarious responses to the news!


Some EXO-Ls are congratulating D.O. on his newest role…

Others couldn’t help commenting on D.O.’s new form!

Some got a little bit sassy…

And many EXO-Ls took the opportunity to create some memes!


Although it may later be revealed that the spelling of this new droid’s name is different, there’s no denying that the original D.O. and the new one share being cute in common!


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