EXO-L Uses Photoshop Sorcery To Upgrade EXO’s Hawaii Pics And It’s All Too Funny

Hats off to the graphic wizard!

EXO recently released a series of photos taken in Hawaii, in celebration of their seven years together, and while the pictures are nothing short of gorgeousness, a talented graphic designer EXO-L didn’t pass up the opportunity to have a little fun with them!


In one of the pictures, Suho is seen being tossed up by the other EXO members. While the picture already seems all kinds of fun and excitement, note Suho’s face of pure exhilaration, an EXO-L by the Twitter handle of @Zeprimadonuts took it and ran really, really far with it!


This creative EXO-L re-imagined the scene as Suho being sucked up by a UFO while the members panic and try to keep him grounded. The beam of light shooting down from the UFO is so spot on; it almost looks like an oldie-but-goodie Sci-Fi movie poster!


In another version, she decided to turn EXO members into mini-humans. She edited her desk into the background and made it look like the XS-sized EXO were chilling on her laptop. She also added her hand in, making it look like she’s the one pulling Suho away from the rest!


Here she simply added in what seems most natural in the vast green fields where the members took this photo. Now the look of panic on Suho’s face makes even more sense…!


Last, but not least, this black-and-white Game of Thrones style dragon attack version is possibly the best thing EXO-Ls have seen since the group’s debut.


@Zeprimadonuts shared other edited versions of the pictures from EXO’s Hawaii trip. She tweeted, “I have so much fun with these PRESENT;gift pictures. Thank you so much EXO.” Her fellow EXO-Ls are also having a blast laughing at these photos – all the while being completely mind blown by the editor’s photoshop skills.

Source: Zeprimadonuts and Zeprimadonuts