Behind The Scenes Video Reveal EXO Lay In Extreme Pain At His Rehearsal

Please rest well and get better soon Lay!

A few days ago, EXO‘s Lay blew everyone away with a number of outstanding performances at the Samsung Fan Event concert but it wasn’t just his stage presence that has been sending shock waves through the fandom, it’s the recent news of his ankle injury during rehearsals.


Shortly after the performance, fans found out that Lay had injured his ankle during rehearsals and still gave his all for fans during the concert. At the time he received a huge outpouring of concern from netizens fans.


The concern over Lay’s health has now doubled however after Lay’s studio uploaded a behind the scenes video of Lay in extreme pain at the rehearsal. The 14-minute long video starts with the stunt that causes Lay to get hurt.


Although his reaction right after the event was to simply say he was fine, we later see Lay in extreme pain.


He was later taken to the hospital and treated for his injury.


A mere 24-hours later, Lay took to the stage and blew everyone away with his talent but the behind the scenes video shows Lay getting his ankle rewrapped during the performance.


After watching every heartbreaking moment of the injury, fans have been sending a lot of love to the singer and are begging him to rest well and take care of his health.


Please rest well and get better soon Lay!


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