EXO’s Lay Helped His Cat Lulu Register For Chromosome Entertainment’s Trainee Project

This is literally the cutest thing you’ll see all week!

What’s the best way to welcome talented trainees to join your company and bring some serious uwu all in one go? Well, EXO‘s Lay has definitely figured out the best answer as proven by his recent video about online registration for Chromosome Entertainment‘s trainee project.

| @layzhang/Twitter

Back in August, the company Changsha Entertainment Group Company Ltd was officially registered with Lay as the chief executive and primary shareholder. Earlier this month the agency officially launched and Lay began looking for talented trainees to join his company.

Although becoming a trainee is going to be tough — Lay said hopefuls need to beat his own talent to join the company — signing up to be a trainee is easy! In a recent clip posted to Chromosome Entertainment’s Weibo, Lay decided to show everyone just how easy it is to get involved in the trainee project…by signing up his adorable kitty Lulu for it!

Starting with the paper version of the form, Lay quickly helped his purr baby fill in the application, writing down Lulu’s full name, nationality, and more info included in the registration process.

After filling out part of the form, Lay decided to introduce the online application as well and cutely let Lulu know that there was another easier way to apply to become a trainee too!

The creative and oh-so-cute video has been blessing everyone with some major cuteness and fans, unsurprisingly, are feeling extra soft with the Lay and Lulu content!

Lay definitely knows how to introduce his trainee project and bring some serious uwu! Watch the adorable video for yourself below:


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