EXO’s Lay Gave Away His First Custom Guitar For A Truly Heartwarming Reason

It just proves once again that Lay has the biggest heart:

A custom instrument is always a very special and precious thing to a musician, especially the very first customized instrument. But even if it was a very precious item to him, EXO‘s Lay just gave away his first custom guitar and the reason why will thoroughly warm your heart.


Lay’s studio team just posted a video to Weibo of a recent trip Lay took to visit the Wa people in Cangyuan Va in Yunnan province, China. Through his trip Lay had everyone melting with his actions. He played with the children in the village he visited and even gave a back massage to an elderly woman while he was there!


That wasn’t all Lay did, however. Lay also met with some local musicians and gave away his first custom guitar, made for his first solo tour, to a young woman.


Why? Because he wanted to help her fulfill her dream of playing the guitar.

After today, I hope you can use the guitar and realize your dream of learning it, okay?

— Lay


In the Weibo post, his studio team admitted that they were surprised by his actions and even thought he was being reckless to give it away, but after asking him, he revealed that he was simply paying respect to those who are not letting their dreams get drowned out by poverty.

In the deep mountains, my boss suddenly gave away his very first custom guitar that was specially made for his first concert tour. We thought he was being reckless and headstrong, but he answered that he was paying respect to hopes that were not drowned out by poverty. Burning like a spark, this is the coolness that is uniquely Zhang Yixing.

— Lay Studio Weibo update



Check out all of Lay’s heartwarming moments in the video below:

Source: Zhang Yixing Studio Weibo