1,000 Students In China Took On EXO Lay’s “Honey” Dance Challenge And Nailed All The Moves

The viral clip even got a shoutout from Lay!

Students from a school in China recently made their break time a little more exciting with a jaw-dropping performance of EXO Lay‘s “Honey”.


A few days ago, a video clip began going viral across the web. Originally posted on Tik Tok and then on Weibo, the clip showed a group of around 1,000 7th grade students dancing to Lay’s “Honey” during their break time.


Although there were 1,000 students present, they were completely in synch and nailed every single move!


From beginning to end, they gave an absolutely flawless performance!


Their impressive dance break not only quickly caught the attention of fans worldwide, but it also caught Lay’s attention! Lay saw the clip and even posted a thank you message to the students on his own Weibo page!

Thank you all for liking my song!

— Lay


Check out the students completely nail all the moves to “Honey” below: