EXO’s Main Dance Line All Share The Same Unique Shoe Habit And Fans Still Can’t Get Over It

It’s a main dance line thing!

EXO‘s main dance line share a number of traits in common.

Lay, Kai, and Sehun are all amazing performers, they’re dance skills are unparalleled, they’re kind, compassionate, and dedicated to honing their skills, and their passion for dancing knows no bounds!

They also, however, also share one very unique habit when it comes to their footwear.

The habit in question? They don’t wear their shoes completely on their feet!

This particular habit recently made a return to the spotlight and stole everyone’s attention thanks to Sehun’s surprise appearance in NNG’s recent video titled, “Director Sehun met in an emergency.”

In the video, Sehun’s kicks got a close-up shot to show off the cuteness that are his Vivi print shoes.

While fans, of course, experienced some serious uwu thanks to the Vivi print, they were also struck by the way Sehun was wearing his shoes.

After seeing how Sehun was wearing his shoes, it didn’t take long before everyone was reminded that this was an interesting habit that all 3 members of EXO’s main dance line have in common!

Throughout the years, Lay…


And Sehun have all been spotted wearing their shoes in the same-slipper like way.

And while fans may not understand the habit…

Many fans think it’s absolutely adorable that they share this in common too!