Everyone Is Losing It Over EXO Lay’s Sexy Dance Practice And What It Could Mean

Could this mean OT9 is gearing up for something?

EXO-Ls love their China sheep and are always on the lookout for proof that he’s going to be doing something with his EXO brothers soon. A recent post by the group’s choreographer, Kasper, has some netizens convinced that Lay is gearing up for something and for a very good reason.


When Kasper uploaded the video, it quickly caught the attention of fans because it was so good!


Besides the moves, however, there were three distinct things that fans noticed. The first was that Lay wasn’t wearing anything under his open shirt…


The second was that Lay seems to be practicing at least one of the moves from “Love Shot”…


And that the two were dancing in a practice room at SM Entertainment!


Although no one knows exactly how old the video is, the recent upload and the “Love Shot” move have made many believe it’s pretty recent and because of this, some fans have been theorizing what this might possibly mean.


While no one can say for sure what these dance moves or particular location means, hopefully, it means fans will be getting a very special surprise soon.