EXO Lay’s Latest Solo Concert Announcement Holds A Special Message For Fans

Lay had a meaningful message for fans in his latest announcement:

Fans have been waiting in anticipation for more news on EXO Lay‘s upcoming solo concert and not only did they recently get more information, but they also got a special message from Lay too!


Last week during a press conference for Go Fighting!, Lay revealed the starting date for his solo concert. While fans were already excited to have the first date they couldn’t wait to learn more!

My concert will start in Shanghai on July 6.

— Lay


And recently they got just that. Lay has officially dropped the teaser posters for his concert called “大航海” or “Sailing”. From the release, fans found out that there are four stops on his tour so far including Shanghai, Chongqing, Nanjing, and Beijing.


Besides revealing the four stops, Lay also dropped information about the tickets. Ticket prices for the stops were revealed for 5 different categories and the prices weren’t the typical prices you might think. In fact, each of them held a very special meaning.


Selling from 520 RMB to 1991 RMB, each one of the ticket prices holds a special meaning to Lay and fans. The numbers include meanings such as Lay’s birthday, the date Lay’s personal studio was set up, and more!


Four official stops so far, the tour’s name, and a sweet message for fans Lay is already spoiling us all! Now the wait is on for July 6, when Lay’s first concert in Shanghai will be held!