Netizens Demand To Know How Much EXO’s Lay Makes After Seeing His INSANE Taxes

Seriously, just how much does he make?

While taxes aren’t normally the most exciting subject, netizens have suddenly become very interested in the subject after learning just how much EXO’s Lay paid for the 2018 tax year.


Dongyang is home to the Hengdian World Studios as well as several other well-known celebrity studios and the city’s government recently released its taxpayers’ ranking for 2018. Among those listed was EXO’s Lay who paid a reported 19.1 million yuan (about $2.8 million).


The surprising amount has been sweeping across the internet and while Lay has been getting a lot of praise for paying his taxes, many people also can’t help wondering just how much Lay made last year!


And by at least one person’s calculation, if Lay was paying the highest tax rate in China, he made an amazing $6.2 million in 2018!


Just one word, “wow!”

Source: Joong Daily


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