EXO’s Lay Came Up With The Perfect Solution To Protect Fans From Scalpers

And it’s an absolute win for fans!

With EXO Lay‘s solo tour getting ready to kick off in July, Lay has come up with the perfect solution to protect fans from scalpers!


A few days ago, Lay shared a hilariously sweet video with fans showing that even he wasn’t able to score tickets to his concert.


But after uploading the video Lay soon realized that if even he wasn’t able to get tickets many fans wouldn’t have been able to either. So Lay thought of the perfect solution. One that not only made sure that fans got tickets but to also one that would ensure fans weren’t taken advantage of by resellers!


Lay recently gave a second update on Weibo letting fans know that if all four concerts sold out and fans still hadn’t gotten a chance to attend, then he would add more stops to his tour!

If the last few concerts also sell out and there are still fans that couldn’t buy the tickets, I’ll consider adding more dates. I don’t want you guys to spend extra money buying from resellers, I’d rather my concert have extra empty seats. Thank you for all the support. I’ll keep practicing!

— Lay


Fans have been feeling absolutely blown away by Lay’s amazing solution and have been sending lots of love to him for his sweet solution.


It just goes to show that Lay really is the sweetest and most considerate idol!