Pizza Hut Reported A Record Number Of Pizza Sales Thanks To EXO’s Lay

The number of pizzas will make your jaw drop!

At the beginning of May, Pizza Hut not only revealed a limited edition pizza in China they also unveiled a new spokesperson, EXO‘s Lay!


From the moment he was revealed to be the spokesperson, Lay had fans all over the world crazy pizza and desperately wishing they could eat their delicious slice with him!


But it isn’t just Lay’s spokesperson role, Lay restaurants, or his stunning ads for the company that has jaws on the floor…



It’s also the record number of pizzas sold since Lay took on the position! Pizza Hut has kept fans updated on how many pizzas have been sold over the course of Lay’s time as spokesperson and the numbers have left many fans speechless!


In four weeks time, Pizza Hut has recorded a sale of 4.9 million Lay’s limited edition pizzas! That means that over 1 million of Lay’s pizzas have been sold every week! And with 2 more weeks left on the limited edition pizzas, who knows how many more will be sold!

The company reported 4.9 million units (of pizza) were sold in four weeks time!


After finding out about the latest update, the very impressive number has been leaving many fans speechless, but since they know Lay is a true king, they aren’t surprised one bit!