EXO’s Lay Revealed Exactly What He Would Say To His Anti-Fans If He Got The Chance

Lay opened up about his thoughts on anti-fans:

EXO‘s Lay was recently able to open up about anti-fans and revealed exactly what he would say to them if he got the chance to.


Through the program Only 3 Days, Lay took fans behind-the-scenes into his life as an artist both on and off the stage. As part of the show, Lay sat down for an interview during which he opened up about his antis.


Despite dealing with many antis over the years and even filing lawsuits against those who continued to spread malicious content online, Lay revealed that he’s never actually thought of his antis as bad people. Instead, Lay believes that many antis behave the way they do to feel a sense of existence.

Image: “Only 3 Days”

You know, I had a lot of lawsuits (against anti-fans) this year. Actually, those kids are not especially bad or anything. Maybe they feel like they’ve found their sense of existence, so that’s why they do that. For us artists, we can escape (the hate comments) you know? If I delete the app, then I see nothing. The sky is still blue outside.

— Lay


After opening up and explaining his views towards antis, the interviewer asked him if there was anything he would say to his anti-fans if he ever had the chance.

Image: “Only 3 Days”

If I am actually an anti sitting across from you, what would you say to me?

— Interviewer


Carefully considering the question, Lay finally revealed he would tell them that if they’re truly happy hating on him then they can keep doing it!

Image: “Only 3 Days”

If you are truly happy doing this, then you can keep doing it.

— Lay


Hearing Lay’s answers, many fans have been moved by Lay’s words and his incredibly open heart when it comes to antis. At the same time, knowing just how big Lay’s heart is, fans have also expressed that they will always be there to protect Lay from trolls, haters, and antis.

Source: @layshands