EXO’s Lay Snuck A Donut While His Trainer Wasn’t Looking And Fans Can’t Stop Laughing

Lay was practicing his secret donut ninja skills!

Donuts may not be the healthiest of foods but they’re certainly tasty! So tasty, that EXO‘s Lay was even willing to get a little sneaky to snag a donut without his fitness trainer finding out!


Towards the end of November, Lay announced that he would be dropping a brand new reality show, ReKnow, chronicling his secret trip to Las Vegas with only his camera staff and boxing trainer! Fans recently got to catch the first episode and while there were many hilarious, sweet, and wholesome moments from the episode, Lay’s sneaky donut eating, in particular, has fans cracking up hard.


It all started when Lay and his trainer made their way through the airport and spotted a shop that sold donuts. While Lay really wanted to stop for one of those delectable morsels, his trainer blocked all of Lay’s attempts at talking him into stopping for one!

No, never! Never. Hurry up, let’s keep walking.

— Trainer


So what’s a hungry international bee supposed to do when he’s craving something sweet but trick his trainer! After making their way to the check-in counter, Lay slyly told his trainer he needed to go to the restroom.

Let me go to the restroom first.

— Lay


But that’s not where Lay was going at all! Instead, Lay stealthily made his way back to the donut shop, bought himself a sweet treat…


And ate it! All the while his trainer remained none the wiser!


Meanwhile, fans have been absolutely loving Lay’s determination just to get one of those delectable donuts!


The cutest international bee!