EXO’s Lay Tried Hard To Play With A Cute Dog But The Pup Wanted To Play Hard To Get Instead

The doggo resisted Lay’s adorable attempts to play:

EXO‘s Lay recently uploaded a new Xlog Red and while fans were ready to see Lay playing with a cute and fluffy doggo when they started watching, they soon learned that isn’t quite what they were going to see! While Lay was all set to play with the dog, the pup definitely wasn’t ready for Lay’s energetic affections!


Almost immediately his new furry friend was playing hard to get and ignored Lay’s attempts at getting some doggy kisses!


With the promise of a snack, Lay was able to gain the pup’s attention…


But once the snacks had run out, well, the doggo just wasn’t that interested in Lay anymore!


So what’s an idol to do when their fluffy friend decides to be a little antisocial? First, Lay tried rolling and flipping around on the ground to attract the doggo’s attention. Unfortunately for Lay, it simply didn’t work! The pup somehow resisted Lay’s adorable attempts to gain his attention and walked right past him!


So Lay moved onto another plan. If acting cute wouldn’t catch the dog’s attention, what about acting like a dog too? Lay let out a few barks and while it seemed to work at first, the pooch didn’t seem too thrilled when Lay added in some jumps and took off leaving Lay behind!


Meanwhile, fans have been cracking up over Lay’s adorable attempts to play with the doggo and the dog’s own response to it all!


Well, at least Lay’s second puppy playdate seemed to go a lot better!