EXO Lay’s Unique Way Of Drawing Stars Is Stressing Everyone Out

It’s adorable and yet really stressful!

Many netizens have just noticed EXO Lay‘s very unique way of drawing star shapes and let’s just say, it’s causing some serious stress!


How do you normally draw a star? It probably looks a little something like this, right?


That’s probably the most common way to draw a typical star shape, but as netizens have found out that is not the way Lay draws them! Although Lay’s stars start off very much the same way as everyone else’s, they soon take a completely different turn!


Some fans noticed this interesting star design a while ago, but after video of Lay signing and starring boxes for Vichy made its way onto the internet netizens started freaking out over his drawing style!


Netizens became so freaked out over the way Lay draws the stars that some have even reported they felt a little stressed out watching him even if they still find it adorable!


But according to at least one netizen, there’s actually a good reason Lay draws his stars that way. His stars could very well be his initials!


While the jury is still out on that, Lay’s unique stars have certainly gotten a lot of attention and are as unique as Lay himself!