EXO-Ls Notice EXO Chanyeol’s Unique Sleeping Habit

He’s just too tall for this world!

EXO-Ls are noticing EXO Chanyeol‘s unique sleeping habit that is caused by his height. Chanyeol is famously tall and some EXO-Ls think he is lying about his height to be seen shorter than he really is. 

16 Times EXO’s Chanyeol Was Just Too Tall For This World

While most of the regular size humans are envious of his tall stature, there might be some disadvantages for being too tall. EXO-Ls have noticed Chanyeol is always sleeping diagonally or he has his feet hanging off the mattress because he doesn’t fit on a regular size bed.

Whenever he is sleeping straight, you see his feet dangling off of the bed. Considering normal beds are made to accommodate the average person’s height, it means Chanyeol’s height is way above the average standards.

So, it seems like Chanyeol chooses to sleep sideways when there is a room for him to do so. The bed he is laying on is a full-size bed that should fit two people easily. Even so, it seems like Chanyeol barely fits.

This is much clearer when you compare it to other EXO members. You can see everyone is sleeping in an upright position except for Chanyeol. This is supposed to be a luxury bed in a pool villa. How tall is he??

However you are sleeping, we hope you are having the best dreams, gentle giant!!



Source: Nate Pann


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