EXO-Ls Once Made A Trainee Delete Her Instagram Account

They left her threatening messages over what they believed was sasaeng behavior.

Back in 2015, when EXO was arguably the most popular boy group around, EXO-Ls uncovered a trainee named Dahyun who was about to debut in a group called Pink Lace.

EXO in 2015

When a post appeared on Pann about Dahyun commented EXO members, including Sehun, about her upcoming debut asking them for their support, fans perceived this as flirtation and attention-seeking behavior.

Dahyun from Pink Lace

It wasn’t just K-netz that attacked Dahyun, but international EXO-L’s as well. She received many comments including “You have many haters now” and “I will not let you disturb EXO!! Remember that! I will kill you!” The disturbing comments led to Dahyun deleting her posts.

Dahyun’s deleted Instagram post

And, while there is an existing (but unused) Instagram account using the @dahyunhand username, her original account @gold_dahyun is long gone.

Screenshot of dahyunhand account | Source: Koreaboo

Since then, Dahyun’s reputation for being a sasaeng of EXO has never really gone away, and no one knows what happened to her or Pink Lace.

What do you think about the situation? Do you think EXO-L’s took things too far or do you think they were rightfully protecting their boys?

Source: Koreaboo