Idols Who Are Rumored To Be Sasaengs Of Other Idols

Do you think the rumors are true?

While it’s shocking, it’s an undeniable truth that famous sasaengs exist.

A sasaeng harassing EXO’s Chanyeol and Sehun at the airport

Idols like Dahee, Trinity, and Diamond Zhang are all well-documented sasaengs, but is that it? Are there more famous people who actually behave that way? 👀 Unfortunately, the answer seems like it’s leaning toward “yes”.

Esther Yu

Esther Yu (also known as Yu Shuxin) is a Chinese actress who made her debut in the drama Border Town Prodigal. She was also a popular trainee, loved for her bubbly personality, on Youth With You 2. Back in March, netizens allegedly uncovered proof that Esther was a sasaeng of actor Lee Minho. It’s said that she leaked his hotel and room information online. Additionally, she was accused by another sasaeng of stalking Kim Soo Hyun, even going so far as to arrange being on the same flights as him.

Netizens also suspect that she’s a sasaeng for BLACKPINK‘s Lisa. There are rumors that she only auditioned for Youth With You after learning that Lisa was going to be a mentor for the program.

Source: Koreaboo

Esther isn’t the only rumored idol sasaeng. Five years ago, a trainee named Dahyun who was meant to debut in the group Pink Lace was accused of being a sasaeng for EXO‘s Sehun. The backlash from international EXO-Ls was so harsh, she immediately set all her accounts to private.

EXO’s Sehun

Do you think the rumors are true or do you think it’s a case of netizens being malicious?

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