EXO’s Manager Clearly Identified Himself As Team EXO Instead Of Team X-EXO And Fans Are Loving It

He’s team EXO all the way!

As the battle lines are being drawn between EXO and their X-EXO clones, everyone’s picking which side they stand on including EXO’s Yongmin manager!


With their November 27 comeback drawing nearer, EXO and X-EXO have been heating things up with head to head showdowns between EXO and their clones and plenty of heart-stopping teasers.


Recently added to all the heart-fluttering teasers, EXO and X-EXO just dropped the album tracklist on November 15! Getting a hint about what the 10 tracks, EXO-Ls were definitely excited about this piece of information but that’s not the only reason they’re loving these particular tweets!


Soon after EXO and X-EXO tweeted their respective posts, EXO-Ls noticed that EXO’s Yongmin manager had dropped a comment underneath each one and it clearly showed which side of this battle he’s one! Under EXO’s tweet, he sweetly responded with an aegyo-filled “Okay~” and a heart…


While under X-EXO’s tweet he went straight to the point with an informal “Okay” without any warmth or affection!


Seeing his two very different responses, EXO-Ls can’t help cracking up and are now 100% sure that Yongmin manager is fully in support of EXO!


With EXO set to release their 6th full album on November 27, we’ll soon see who comes out victorious in this battle!