EXO Members Shower Xiumin’s Instagram Post With Love Before He Leaves For The Military

They made sure their eldest member felt loved before he had to enlist for the military.

On May 6, 2019, EXO‘s Xiumin posted a photo of his newly shaved head prior to his military enlistment on May 7.

The other EXO members couldn’t help but gush over their eldest member now that he’s leaving for the military.

Baekyun commented on how cool his eldest hyung is and hope that he takes care while he’s in the military. EXO-Ls can feel Chanyeol‘s sadness now that Xiumin has to go in the military, as he commented many sad faces on the Instagram post.

Sehun‘s message was plain and simple but was enough to show just how much he loved his fellow EXO member. He left a single red heart.

Kai left numerous messaged on the post. It seems he has a lot to say to Xiumin before he leaves for the military, and he made all of them known with these comments.

Aren’t you handsome? Take care of yourself, don’t get hurt, and make sure not to skip any meals. Remembere to apply skincare and to take all your health supplements. Eat well, remember that taking care of your health is what is most important. Hyung, I love you. I’m really gonne miss you.

– Kai

1st comment: “I really really love you ~”
2nd comment: “Let’s leave a lot of supportive comments to show just how many people will continue waiting for him and supportive him ~ I love love you

– Kai

Xiumin must have felt so much love from his members! Hopefully Xiumin will live healthily while in the military and will come back to EXO-Ls happy and without injury.