EXO’s New Concept Trailer Features Chen And Baekhyun In Chains And EXO-Ls Can’t Handle It

The level of anticipation is through the roof!

With EXO hinting their upcoming return to the K-Pop world, EXO-Ls remain absolutely thrilled — especially with a new trailer revealing the group’s spookiest concept yet!


In this minute-long trailer, EXO members boast their best visuals, building an incredible amount of anticipation for the actual comeback.


But particularly, EXO-Ls are head over heels in love with members Chen and Baekhyun rocking some stylish chain-type accessories!


Chen is spotted wearing a lip piercing that is linked to his ear piercing in chains…


… while Baekhyun is captured wearing a string of chain across his face:


And as wild as these styles are, Chen and Baekhyun look breathtakingly badass and EXO-Ls can’t handle the heat!


EXO-Ls look forward to having EXO back — and even more so to seeing these looks come to life!

Watch the full trailer here: