Olympics Official Account Just Raved About EXO And Fans Couldn’t Be Happier

We feel that power!

It’s crazy to think that EXO‘s epic Olympics performance was earlier this year but the official Olympics Twitter account has just reminded everyone and in the best way possible.


Earlier this year, the account had some very kind things to say about the group…

The Olympics Official Account Raved About How Amazing EXO Is


Now, as they’re looking back on 2018, they have a couple more words to say about the group! Specifically that EXO’s “Power” performance was the #1 top Olympics video of 2018!


The video itself has been played over 2.8 million times on YouTube and has been shared countless times online!


And while everyone knows that the performance was lit af…


Everyone is incredibly happy that the Olympics account is recognizing the group’s talents and raving about them once again!


And to celebrate the epic performance once again, watch the video below: