EXO Personalities? Let These Interview Responses Speak For Themselves

“What do you want to do if you could become a king?”

Once in their Japanese fan club magazine, EXO members — exluding Lay who is away from the group for the time being — answered a question, “What do you want to do if you could become a king?”


And as sincerely as the members answered, EXO-Ls can’t stop laughing at how their responses sound exactly like their personalities. The oldest and most realistic Xiumin, who is away serving his military duty, answered that being a king wouldn’t be so fun — as it would come with obvious responsibilities. This isn’t to say Xiumin is irresponsible — he would, as king, carry out his duties well — just like he carries out his hyung responsibilities well too.

Life wouldn’t be so fun anymore…

— Xiumin


On the other hand, leader Suho, whose stage name means “to guard”, answered that if he were a king, he would provide safety for his people. It is no wonder his stage name means what it does!

I would like to enforce safety measures so my people can live in a country without crimes.

— Suho


Baekhyun, who knows what he wants, answered that a King Baekhyun is not likely to happen. EXO-Ls agree, the stage-bound Baekhyun is most likely to be an idol again — in one of the countries ruled by his teammates!

But I don’t want to be a king…

— Baekhyun


As for Chen, known among EXO-Ls to be considerate and sincere in his thoughts for others, he humbly doubted his ability to rule.

Being a king means too many responsibilities… I don’t think I’m cut out to be one.

— Chen


Cheeky Chanyeol — whose average energy level will always exceed the rest of the members’ — decided if he were to become a king, he would actually take it easy. Could it be, that in another life, he wants to somber down? Possibly.

I think I’ll just chill, without really doing anything.

— Chanyeol


On the other hand, Kai answered with his usual soft sentiment. As king, Kai would put his people’s happiness and satisfaction first — because he too, would value such things.

I would like to create a place where everyone can be happy.

— Kai


As for EXO’s perfectionist D.O., he responded in a way that led EXO-Ls to believe that he would become one fair and righteous king.

I would create a place where everyone is treated equally.

— D.O.


Finally, the good-natured Sehun answered with his passionate maknae spirit. Always full of promise and potential, Sehun would make one eager king for his people!

I would try my best to rule well so that it becomes a good place to live.

— Sehun

Source: THEQOO

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