Netizens Minds Are Being Blown After Noticing Something Peculiar About EXO D.O.’s Photocards

It all started in 2015…

Every K-Pop fan highly anticipates the moment when they get to open their brand new album and discover what amazing photocard is hidden inside. This is especially true for EXO-Ls because with 9 handsome EXO members, who knows what masterpiece you’ll end up with!


But fans have recently noticed an interesting trend in D.O.‘s photos that they can’t stop talking about! From the group’s debut photocards…

do mama

To their “Overdose” era…

overdose 2014


Fans were never sure what kind of photo D.O. was going to bring!


But ever since the group’s Exodus era…

Image result for exo exodus photocard do


There’s been one thing in common among all of D.O.’s photocards!

do 1

And that’s D.O.’s signature poses!

dont mess up my tempo

Sometimes it’s a peace sign…



Other times it’s a thumbs up…

sing for you

And sometimes it’s just a really good close up of the singer!

do 2


Like so close up it started a viral online trend!

EXO D.O.’s New Photocard Spawns A New Viral Internet Challenge

Netizens have recently discovered a dedicated D.O. stan’s collection of cards and their minds have been blown by his unfailing consistency!

do photocard log

And although some netizens may be wondering why D.O. has been using the same poses for years now, the idol actually has a very sweet reason for doing it. In the past, he’s said that it’s so fans wouldn’t feel sad about getting one and not another!

do 3


But even if it is for an incredibly kind reason, we’re pretty sure it’s also because you just can’t change perfection!

. . .