College Students In Korea Perform EXO’s “Power” To Share Message Of Strength Amidst Lockdown

They’re encouraging everyone to stay positive:

The electro-pop bop that is EXO‘s “Power” is not only one of the most beloved tracks on EXO’s The War: The Power of Music album, but it’s also a song that can energize, give strength, and bring positivity to anyone who listens to it. Recently, students at Donga-Ah Institute of Media and Arts (DIMA) decided to use all those positive qualities to bring a little bit of hope and strength during this time of isolation.

With people all over the world experiencing lockdowns and social distancing measures due to the COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) pandemic, students at DIMA shared their powerful message through a recently released video.

We want to share this with isolated students like us. We would also like to share this song for medical staff and volunteers that we’re so grateful for. Let’s get through this together! Power!

During quarantine, 50 students studying music at the university gathered together online to sing, play their instruments, and spread strength through their performance.

To fit the current situation a little better, the students added in some new lyrics…

While adding in some of their own personal messages of strength and power in the video!

Their soothing performance has definitely given many people strength as fans sent their thanks to the students for sharing their powerful message!

Gain some of that power for yourself by watching their amazing cover for yourself below: