Only EXO Could Have Pulled Off “Tempo” According To One Top Producer

EXO’s vocal abilities left him speechless.

Producer Marz (Paul Thompson) has worked with a number of artists from SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment over the years. He’s got years of experience under his belt and he recently gave some major praise to the kings of K-Pop and their hit song “Tempo”!


In the past, Marz has worked with EXO and has shown the group some major love. Although he did work on “Tempo”, don’t let that fool you because even though he had a hand in the song, he thought it just wouldn’t have worked without the vocal genius of EXO.


In a recent livestream, Marz held a question and answer series with fans with most questions relating back to EXO and “Tempo”. The producer had a lot to say on the topic and revealed that a lot of companies had been asking him to produce a song with a similar feeling but he could only say one thing back to them, no.

“I’ve been getting requests for ‘Tempo’ a lot lately. A lot of companies have been asking, ‘Can you make a song like ‘Tempo’?’ And you know what I tell them? No, because that song is crazy. Like just musically that song is insane and I don’t have any other song like ‘Tempo’. Trying to make another song like it would be impossible.”

— Marz


As he tried to explain what made “Tempo” so different and impossible to recreate…

“But ‘Tempo’ is so different. It’s not your standard song. There are so many sections and then you have that acapella part. I honestly believe just that section alone will become super iconic because it’s insanely good.”

— Marz


He revealed that even he was blown away by just how amazing EXO’s performance of the song was and even compared them to the legendary Boyz II Men!

“What we did and what EXO pulled off was amazing. They sounded like Boyz II Men, which is crazy. It’s totally insane and it’s not easy to do.”

— Marz


EXO-Ls have fallen in love with the praise Marz dished out for EXO and there’s no denying that EXO’s “Tempo” has already proved it’s the stuff of legends.


Now relive the pure magic of EXO’s vocals through “Tempo”!