EXO Chose Their Hardest Choreography And Revealed They Don’t Just Dislike It…They Hate It

Their hardest choreography and most hated:

EXO left fans breathless an infinite number of times with their performances and even though they look like they pull off the moves as easy as 1, 2, 3, fans know that a lot of hard work and practice goes into each and everyone one of their performances. In fact, EXO recently revealed which of their choreography was the hardest of all!


Ahead of their appearance on JTBC‘s Stage K, EXO had a mini-interview where they not only revealed their favorite choreography but also their hardest!


When it came time to reveal their hardest choreo, as one of the main dancers, Kai revealed that there were two choreographies that immediately came to mind.

Honestly, there are many. I can think of two at the moment. ‘Tempo’ and ‘Mama’.

— Kai


Kai went on to explain why he thought these two were the hardest…

I think those two are the most difficult ones, as far as I remember. ‘Mama’ is our debut single and as for ‘Tempo’, it was so tightly choreographed we had a hard time doing it.

— Kai


But Baekhyun had one other song to add to the list and it immediately got the vote of approval from everyone else!

How about ‘Lucky One’? It was hard too!

— Baekhyun


All of them were in complete agreement that “Lucky One” wasn’t so lucky and actually caused physical pain while dancing! In fact, it got so much dislike from them that Sehun even admitted it wasn’t a case of dislike, it was one of hate!

Not dislike, hate!

— Sehun


But even if they hate it, every one of their performances has left fans cheering! Check out what else they had to say about their difficult dance moves and more in the video below.