EXO Revealed To Be Inspiration Behind New Characters In Upcoming Thor Marvel Series

The author is a big EXO-L too!

With their superpowers and epic fight against the villainous Red Force, EXO-Ls have often thought that EXO’s concept would make the most epic story for a movie or comic book. And it turns out an author teaming up with Marvel and Serial Box Publishing thought so too!


Aaron Stewart-Ahn recently tweeted out to fans letting them know about the upcoming release Thor: Metal Gods, a new fiction and audiobook series coming this December. While fans were already excited about the upcoming release, he had EXO-Ls even more excited with one further piece of information he dropped.


On top of the news about the release, Aaron also revealed that this particular story features a K-Pop show on an alien planetoid before hinting that this was influenced by an awesome concert experience with EXO!


When that tweet blew up, Aaron followed up his original tweet by explaining that while these characters were left unnamed in the story itself, they were inspired by that EXO show he had been to! And he just wanted to let his fellow EXO-Ls know where his inspiration had come from!


His fellow fans, meanwhile, are incredibly excited to read this new series as well as see these EXO-inspired characters come to life!