EXO’s Sehun Has Earned Himself Another Nickname: “Bluff Sehun”

It’s okay to admit you’re scared.

EXO‘s Sehun is the baby of EXO, and while he can finally sleep alone, there’s still a lot he’s afraid of. He’s not willing to admit that right away, though, which ended up earning him the title “Bluff Sehun” in Season 3 of EXO’s Ladder.

In recent clips released by SM C&C STUDIO on YouTube, the editors released footage of Sehun bluffing on multiple occasions, only to be immediately exposed afterwards.

During a late night drive while EXO was talking about how easily scared D.O. used to be and how they used to make fun of his cute screams, Sehun didn’t hesitate to join in on the teasing. However, as soon as the tables were turned on him, he swiftly admitted defeat.

| SM C&C STUDIO/Youtube

Later, as a test to see the limits of what the members could do without being afraid, Kai asked if the members would be able to walk alone on a dark road through the mountains with no light. While D.O. and Kai reasonably said they couldn’t, Sehun shamelessly said he could, earning a fierce reaction from the others.

And as soon as Kai brought up the idea of telling scary stories, Sehun firmly refused, breaking his brave pretense.

EXO-Ls also know of Sehun’s true nature and joined in on playfully teasing him when he tried to bluff during a live.

“Bluff Sehun” struck again when EXO went to the Seolli Skywalk. Sehun started off confidently, saying it was a must see place when visiting Namhae, but as soon as the floor became see-through glass, he froze, refusing to go further. Kai ended up hooking arms to force him to keep going, and while viewers feel for Sehun, the way he laughed out of fear made the entire ordeal adorable.

As they arrived to the swing Sehun had wanted to try since the beginning of their trip, EXO’s maknae quickly backed out. When Kai asked about Sehun’s earlier bluff, Sehun didn’t hesitate to take back his words and said he had never dared to do such a thing.

Still, he wasn’t nicknamed “Bluff Sehun” for no reason, and even at the end of the clip above he was recorded bluffing again, saying it actually seemed fun and that he really did go all the way around the swing once in elementary school. But when it came to putting his words into actions, Sehun made an excuse to avoid it.

I wonder what other “Bluff Sehun” moments we’ll get for the rest of Ladder Season 3.