No Matter What EXO’s Sehun Did During Charades Chanyeol Only Saw His Cute Maknae Side

Chanyeol could only see their cute maknae:

As the maknae of the group, EXO’s Sehun receives all the love from his hyungs but sometimes all that love comes with a few drawbacks. Like, say, the fact that no matter how fierce he acts all they’ll be able to see a ridiculously cute Sehun!

During a recent EXO-SC event, Sehun and Chanyeol played a game of charades. With Sehun transforming into each of the clues, Chanyeol was able to guess the correct answers pretty easily. Well, except one!

Tasked with giving the clue for an eagle, Sehun began his transformation into the bird of prey, flapping his arms and adding in some beak-like action. However, Chanyeol just wasn’t picking up on what Sehun was trying to convey!

After Chanyeol had tossed out some random guesses with no luck, he took in the birdlike quality of Sehun’s movements and knew with absolute certainty the answer had to be…Sehun!

Instead of seeing the lethal bird of prey, all Chanyeol could see was a cute little chick. And because the sweetest one he knows is Sehun, Chanyeol was absolutely convinced the answer had to be none other than EXO’s maknae!

With Chanyeol only seeing the adorable baby chick Sehun, they ended up passing on the clue and it wasn’t until the end of the game Chanyeol finally found what the answer had really been!

EXO-Ls have been equally uwu-ing and cracking up at their eagle and chick debate and it’s easy to see why! So cute!