EXO Sehun’s Facetime Video For Fans Turned Out To Be The Perfect Chance For Chanyeol To Troll Him

The Instagram trolling saga continues.

When it comes to any post featuring EXO‘s maknae, it seems like Chanyeol just can’t help himself…he’s just got to tease Sehun! And with the latest Instagram post featuring Sehun, Chanyeol once again proved that the great Instagram trolling saga won’t be stopping any time soon!


Chanyeol and Sehun have been blessing fans with all sorts of amazing content ahead of their EXO-SC unit debut on July 22. They’ve been posting all sorts of teaser images for their upcoming album not to mention dropping some spoilers here and there.


But even more recently, they surprised fans with a couple of special Facetime phone call videos uploaded to EXO’s main Instagram page and Twitter account. Chanyeol started off his video by greeting fans with a big smile before telling them about his excitement for their upcoming debut.

Hello, this is Chanyeol! I came to LA to film for our “What A Life” music video with Sehun. When I was monitoring, I thought I did a good job coming to LA. At this time, I was reminded of you all so I turned on the video call. You’re surprised, right? I’m working hard and filming with a tight schedule so I hope you all look forward to it. Actually, I’m looking forward to it too! Please give lots of love to “What A Life”! Bye!

— Chanyeol


Meanwhile, Sehun dished on their “What A Life” music video filming before sending some love to EXO-Ls!

Hello? Can you see me clearly? Me and Chanyeol hyung are preparing for our new album these days and right now we’re filming in LA. Filming for this new album is fun! Although we’ve been preparing since this morning, our condition is very good and the weather is really nice too. I think the sky is helping us! I hope we can meet soon. Wait for us a bit and please be healthy and happy!

— Sehun


While there doesn’t seem like there would be anything that Chanyeol could tease Sehun with from the video…well…he managed to find one thing and rolled with it! Since the videos were filmed to look like they were talking with fans on an iPhone, Chanyeol couldn’t help teasing that his phone wasn’t an iPhone at all!


Fans can’t stop cracking up over the fact that Chanyeol once again found something to tease Sehun over!


But after having a good laugh over Chanyeol’s teasing, fans couldn’t help doing a little of their own. Only this time, Chanyeol was the one getting teased because as fans pointed out, to do a Facetime video Chanyeol would have needed to borrow someone else’s phone!


And so the great Instagram teasing saga continues!