EXO’s Sehun Once Filled Chanyeol’s Camera Roll With Over 100 Selcas Of His Cute Maknae Self

Chanyeol’s photo library was all Sehun!

There’s exactly one rule when it comes to leaving your phone with a friend — never leave your phone with them! Case in point, Sehun‘s photo frenzy on Chanyeol‘s phone!

EXO‘s maknae absolutely loves snapping selcas and sharing them with EXO-Ls. He’s been doing just that for years, taking selcas with his own phone and sharing them on his Instagram! One time, however, he got his hands on Chanyeol’s phone and, well, there was simply no stopping him!

If you travel back in time to 2015 on Chanyeol’s Instagram, you’ll find one post that really sticks out because it contains Sehun…lots and lots of Sehun! A screenshot of sixteen photos of Sehun to be precise!

Those sixteen photos, however, were only the beginning! At the time, Sehun had gotten his hands on Chanyeol’s phone and took not one, not two, not sixteen, but over one hundred selcas of himself, filling Chanyeol’s camera roll right up!

In my phone’s album, I inadvertently saw 100 selcas Sehun took… Cute child… #You’veBeenGoingHereAndThereTakingGoodPictures #WastedCapacity

Although Sehun hasn’t had photo fun like this again (at least, not that we know of) this moment has become something of a legend; with EXO-L to this day remembering and laughing at Sehun’s mischief and Chanyeol’s very full camera roll!

And that’s why you never leave your phone with a friend!