EXO’s Sehun Went From Volunteering To Help Chanyeol To Taking Over His Channel In A Split Second

He was only trying to help!

EXO‘s Sehun was more than ready to volunteer his services to help Chanyeol create some content for his YouTube channel, but Chanyeol may not have been fully prepared for the consequences!

Simply wanting to take everyone behind-the-scenes of his and Sehun’s time at the 2020 K-Pop Super Concert in Hanoi, Chanyeol began chronically the backstage moments with Sehun. And when Sehun found out why Chanyeol was filming, he was only too happy to volunteer his services to create content with him!

Chanyeol: I’ve got nothing to upload to my NNG channel currently

Sehun: You need my help? Do you want me to be a part of your clip? As if this is my channel.

As Chanyeol soon found out, however, agreeing to Sehun’s offer may have been a big mistake. First, the agreement pretty much gave Sehun a free pass to unleash his sassy side and tease his hyung.

How can you say you’re a camera operator with that facial expression?

— Sehun

And second, it was the perfect opportunity to take over the video completely! With Sehun in control of the camera, even when he was asking Chanyeol some questions…

He couldn’t resist making it a Sehun-focused cam!

If you shoot like this, people will only see Sehun!

— Chanyeol

Well, there’s just no stopping a playful maknae! Watch more of Chanyeol and Sehun’s backstage adventures here: