EXO Sehun’s Way Of Calming An Upset Chanyeol Is Very Unique — And Very, Very Adorable

Okay, but why are they so cute?

What do you do when someone you care about is upset or mad? Most of us would probably shower them with love, bring them a snack, or give them a bit of space if they need it.

But EXO‘s Sehun has a very special way of calming an upset Chanyeol, and fans can’t handle just how cute it is!

After leaving fans feeling marshmallow-soft after appearing on After Mom Falls Asleep, the EXO-SC duo was back at it again in the behind segment of the show called Dad Doesn’t Sleep.

While doing a bit of Q&A, Sehun read one question asking what they do when the other gets mad or upset. What happened next was an explosion of cuteness.

As soon as he’d finished reading the question, he turned towards Chanyeol and displayed exactly what he does – giving Chanyeol a bit of a tickle under the chin!

Although unamused with Sehun’s answer, Chanyeol played along and declared that his anger was all gone thanks to Sehun’s helpful chin scratches.

Although Sehun’s method may seem a little strange to non-fans, this actually isn’t the first time that fans have caught Sehun using the tickle method with a pouty Chanyeol which makes his answer 1000% cuter!

And unsurprisingly, EXO-Ls are simultaneously cracking up and melting over the answer!

Watch Sehun calm Chanyeol with some good old chin tickle and more in the video below – but before you do, you may want to prepare yourself for some serious cuteness!