Sehun’s Time On “Coffee Friends” Has Inspired A Brand New Nickname And Everybody Is Already In Love With It

EXO-Ls even trended the new nickname.

Throughout the years EXO‘s Sehun has earned a number of sweet and cute nicknames that perfectly fit him and now he’s got another adorable nickname that he can add to his collection!


He’s been called “Sehunnie” or just plain “Hunnie” by his members and fans for years.


Not to mention Sehun has also definitely earned his “Maknae On Top” status!


And now, thanks to his recent appearance on Coffee Friends, Sehun has one more nickname that fits him surprisingly well!


Thanks to all that tangerine gathering, stacking, peeling, eating, and selling, netizens have started to call Sehun “Tangerine Fairy!”


Fans have been loving the new nickname and have been incredibly supportive of it!


And it’s already proven so popular that both the English and Korean version of the nickname became trending topics!


You’ve got to love the “Tangerine Fairy!”