EXO’s Sehun Just Proved He Truly Is The Maknae On Top

Only Sehun could get away with this!

Everyone already knows that EXO‘s Sehun is already the maknae on top. After all only he could get away with doing this…


Or this…


But his latest interaction with his members 100% proves that he truly is at the top and there’s just no bringing him down!


On the latest episode of Travel Around the World on EXO’s Ladder, Sehun finished up his Busted schedule and headed back to the members. While driving, he suddenly got a call from Chanyeol.


— Chanyeol


But Sehun had a little surprise for his hyungs when he answered the phone with a question.

“Who are you?”

— Sehun


At first, Chanyeol seemed a bit confused by his answer and quickly tried to get Sehun on the same page.

“Who are you? It’s me!”

— Chanyeol


Despite, Chanyeol’s innocent reaction to Sehun’s question Baekhyun noticed something very important about how Sehun had answered his hyungs, he had spoken to them informally, and Baekhyun wasn’t sure he should let the maknae get away with it!

“But Sehun-ah, there isn’t anyone you can ask ‘who are you’ here since you’re the maknae!”

— Baekhyun


But, of course, the members let it go!

“Hurry up Sehun-ah! We really had lots of fun!”

— Chanyeol


And eventually, they even agreed to carry out a punishment if Sehun ever wins the ladder game!


Netizens have been cracking up over the entire exchange…


And of course, know that it’s further proof that Sehun truly is the maknae on top!


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