EXO’s Sehun Confirmed His EXO-CBX Fanboy Status Once Again With His FLO Music Recommendation

From 2016 to now, Sehun’s been the biggest EXO-CBX fan:

When it comes to stanning EXO-CBX, no one is doing it quite like Sehun! Since the subunit first debuted back in 2016 he proven time and again that he’s a big fan of the trio!


He’s attended their fansign to get his copy of their album signed…


He’s busted out into their songs numerous times and he’s even named EXO-CBX’s “For You” as one of his favorite wintertime songs!


But Sehun has once again proven his great love for EXO-CBX with a single song recommendation! EXO, partnered with the music platform FLO, just released an update for their list of song recommendations.


With each of the members adding a favorite song or two to the list, Sehun opted to add one song to the list — “For You”!


Now fans simultaneously cracking up and melting over his fanboy moment!


There’s no doubt that Sehun truly loves his hyungs and is always ready to support EXO-CBX!