EXO’s Sehun Is So Handsome That Other Idols’ Fansite Masters Are Falling For Him Too

Does he ever get tired of serving?

EXO‘s maknae is known for many things. His broad shoulders, the iconic “E-X-O” rap in “Growl” and of course, his face that is so handsome that it earned him the nickname, “jo-gak-nam” due to his perfectly angled face.

It seems like even fansite masters of other idols aren’t immune to his beauty. Peterpan, a fansite for MONSTA X‘s Minhyuk, was asked by a follower on who was the most handsome idol she has seen in real life, apart from Minhyuk of course. Her reply was hilarious.

“Never, ever, not even one person ever???? Apart from Minhyuk I can’t speak of any idol??? I always say it but only Minhyuk is the most handsome person in history out of all idols. One and only, Lee Minhyuk” was her initial reply, but she wrote in tiny font after that, “EXO’s Oh Sehun.” Her honest answer paired with her overzealous love for Minhyuk made many Monbebes laugh.

Similarly, Monmonde, a fansite for VICTON‘s Byungchan was asked the same question. She began her praise of her bias by saying he looks like a water puppy, a chick, a rainbow rice cake, honey rice cake, and that he is sweeter than cotton candy and more intense than dalgona coffee. She made sure to write down that the only singer for her is Byungchan and that she doesn’t know anyone else. Next to a photo of a puppy however, she sneakily admitted that EXO’s Sehun and BTS‘s V was the real answer.

The Boyz Hyunjae‘s fansite, XD0913 had a similarly witty answer. She claimed Hyunjae was so super tall and handsome that if you look at his face once, you would pause and go back to it in awe for how pretty and handsome it was. Her subtext at the bottom confessed that she fell over at how handsome EXO’s Sehun was after seeing him in a bakery.

Sehun’s handsomeness is certainly deserving of such love! Here are some shots of him taken by phone cameras to prove his looks in real life.

We’re pretty sure that if we ever get the honor of running into him in real life, we would swoon into the pavement as well! Meanwhile, prep yourselves for his summer comeback with Chanyeol as EXO-SC, to drop in July!

Source: Theqoo