EXO’s Sehun Hit Everyone Right In The OT9 Feels After He Was Seen Watching Lay’s Tour Video

Just some pure OT9 content to warm your heart:

EXO‘s Sehun came for everyone’s heart with some pure OT9 content.

Chanyeol recently uploaded a video showcasing moments from his and Sehun’s time at the K-Joy Music Festival in Thailand. From the moment the video started, there was one particular scene that captured everyone’s attention.

As Sehun is first introduced, he can be seen intently watching a video on his phone. Seeing Sehun so focused on his videos, EXO-Ls began to wonder what he’d been watching.

Although it was impossible to see what was on Sehun’s screen, Sehun had watched the video without headphones and at the beginning of the clip, audio could clearly be heard.

Listening to the sound byte, detective EXO-Ls were able to uncover what he’d been watching, a clip from Lay‘s tour! Comparing the words to Lay’s ments, EXO-Ls found that the video Sehun was watching was one of Lay’s ments from the Shenzhen stop of his Grandline tour.

After discovering that Sehun had not only been watching Lay’s ment but had also been so focused on his hyung, fans everywhere are melting over the surprise OT9 moment.

There’s no doubt, EXO is always ready to love and support each other!