Sehun’s Limited Edition Magazine Printed 10,000 Extra Copies And It Still Wasn’t Enough

The limited edition turned out to be a little too limited!

Very recently, EXO-Ls found out that EXO‘s Sehun would be featured in a limited edition issue of Madame Figaro magazine and they became incredibly excited for the release!


And why wouldn’t fans be excited when they were teased with some of the amazing photos from the magazine’s photo shoot?


The only problem, however, was that the magazine edition was, in fact, a true limited edition. Madame Figaro was set to only print 20,000 copies of Sehun’s issue and fans were eager to get their hands on one of those rare pieces. So when the magazine went up for sale, they sold out quickly.


Very quickly! The limited edition Sehun issue sold out in a single second and that was a preorder!


Realizing that many EXO-L didn’t really get a chance to even try and buy the issue, Madame Figaro decided to add 10,000 more copies of the issue.


But when they went on sale, well, they disappeared at the speed of light too! Many EXO-Ls have been lamenting the fact that they were unable to buy a copy and are already hoping that a second edition is on its way. It just goes to show what an unstoppable force EXO and EXO-L really are!