EXO’s Sehun Looks So Much Like One Emoticon Even The Character’s Creator Thinks So

Even the emoticon character’s creator saw the resemblance:

Sehun‘s bright and sweet personality, overflowing aegyo, and his status as EXO‘s loveable maknae are just a few of the many reasons Sehun’s animal counterpart is an adorable baby chick. In fact, Sehun resembles a baby chick so much that even his members can’t help seeing it! Now even the creator of another famous baby chick character can’t help seeing the resemblance either!

Erem, the creator of the adorable Kakao chick emoticon Yalary, surprised EXO-L with a very special Sehun-Yalary crossover that is warming everyone to their core. Starting on February 9, Erem took to Instagram and began to share a few new drawings of Yalary…

Captain! Can I do it like this? .

That looked just like Sehun!

Each drawing included a matching picture of Sehun to show the adorable resemblance between the two!

Captain reads difficult books well too…zzz.

Themed around some of Sehun’s most iconic looks from his unicorn hair to his “XOXO” album photos, each post included a caption that perfectly (and oh-so cutely) matched the theme of each drawing.

Captain… Is it true that.. we are eagles..?

After dropping the first set of Yalary and Sehun crossover pics, Erem has continued to post plenty more drawings to tickle everyone’s fancy even including X-EXO in the artwork…

And Sehun’s fluffy pup Vivi!

EXO-Ls are absolutely loving seeing the crossover and have been sending lots of love to Erem for the pictures.

Make sure you check out more of Erem’s adorable Sehun-Yalary drawings because they are way too cute to miss out on!

Source: @erem__j