EXO’s Sehun Revealed The Real Reason He Can’t Sleep Alone And It’s Seriously Sweet

The softest maknae!

Although there are many people who relish the thought of sleeping in a room by themselves, EXO‘s Sehun is definitely not one of those people! He’s spent plenty of years bunking with Suho because he simply can’t sleep by himself.


As fans found out during the second season of EXO’s Ladder, Sehun finds the thought of sleeping alone to be the biggest punishment even when it’s supposed to be the reward!

Knowing just how much Sehun hates sleeping alone, EXO-Ls have been curious to know why. Is it because he’s afraid of the dark? Ghosts? Or feels a bit lonely? Wanting to know the reason, one EXO-L recently asked Sehun to reveal why and his answer is way too cute!


During a recent event, an EXO-L asked Sehun what his reason is for not being able to sleep alone and gave him some choices including being afraid of ghosts, just wanting to sleep with his hyungs, and even an “other” option where Sehun could fill in with something different. Surprisingly, Sehun checked off two of the boxes indicating that he, in fact, can sleep alone and that he simply wants to sleep with his hyungs!


The news that Sehun actually can sleep alone but prefers bunking with his hyungs has EXO-Ls convinced that Sehun is the softest maknae.


The softest!