Sehun Revealed The Secret To His Maknae On Top Status

He’s maknae on top and this is why:

Although being the maknae often comes with perks, not every group has a youngest member who can claim the maknae on top status. EXO‘s youngest, however, can clearly say it!


Sehun gets love from not only fans but all of his members too and it’s always been pretty clear he’s a maknae on top. But according to Sehun, there’s one very important reason he can enjoy his spot on top!


During a recent interview with Cosmopolitan China, Sehun talked about his career and personal life which just so happened to include a conversation about his status in the group. Sehun first talked about how great his fellow members are…


I seriously think that there’s no other group with such good group members like ours. I’m not saying this because they are my members or out of courtesy, they truly are the best!

— Sehun


Before he revealed that he wouldn’t be able to receive all that pampering or love from his members if they weren’t EXO!

They are very kind-hearted and because of my hyungs, I am living happily as the youngest.

— Sehun


But Sehun’s love for his members isn’t simply because they shower him with their love, it’s because they’re his hyungs and he’d never have it any other way.

Many times, people would ask me if I would still be in EXO in my next life and the answer is always definitely yes! The members and the group that I have, they will always be worth a big yes.

— Sehun