EXO Sehun Making Friends With Fish Is The New Aesthetic You Didn’t Know You Needed

Sehun’s visuals are off the charts!

There’s no doubt that EXO‘s Sehun is an incredible guy. His rap skills are legendary, he’s got killer dance moves, he’s got an extremely loveable personality, and he has visuals for days. While Sehun has proven time and time again that he can pull of any style or any concept thanks to his legendary skills and flawless visuals…


Fans have just discovered a brand new aesthetic and it’s one that everyone definitely needs in your life!


Not too long ago, EXO-Ls found out that Sehun would be the first celebrity on the cover of China’s luxury fashion and art magazine Rogue Fashionbook. While the news was already exciting enough, the magazine just released a number of photos and a teaser video teaser that have the power to leave anyone breathless.


When they first hinted at Sehun’s role in the magazine they dropped a single photo of the idol at an aquarium and fans were already down for those aesthetics…


But seeing more of these ocean vibes is even more exciting!


Who knew that fish and Sehun was the aesthetic we all needed in our life? Because seriously, we all do!


The photos and video have been drawing a lot of attention online because they’re so magnificent and have been getting a lot of different reactions from netizens online, all of them good of course!


And although EXO-Ls know that the magazine isn’t going to be out until March, they can’t wait to see more of Sehun’s legendary visuals and sea aesthetics!

Source: Rogue Fashionbook


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