10 Photos Of EXO’s Sehun That Will Make You Swoon At How Wide His Shoulders Are

We could write an entire poem about his shoulders.

EXO‘s maknae, Sehun, has amassed a variety of nicknames from fans throughout the years, including “noona rich” and “maknae on top”. However, as years passed, fans began to notice the change in his physique, namely, how broad his shoulders had gotten! Here’s 10 photos that will really drive in just how much the baby of the group has matured!

1. This photo preview by his fansite.

Although the fansite only released this shot as a grainy preview cut rather than a full HD published shot, fans gushed over how broad his shoulders look from the back as he crouches down in preparation for a performance.

2. This casual screengrab from one of their vlogs.

In a behind the scenes look at their tour footage, the star is decked only in a casual sweatshirt, but his shoulders stand out even in the loose garb.

3. Dancing in the rain.

We almost lost our words at this beautiful shot mid-performance during EXO’s concert. His physique is highlighted even more by the wet shirt that sticks to his torso. The shot looks too beautiful to be real!

4. Shirtless? Speechless.

We’re not entirely sure what’s going on as to why he had to be shirtless for this particular performance but we’re not complaining. Looks like all his hard work at the gym is paying off!

5. Oh nothing, just taking a stroll.

Is it us or does Sehun’s shoulders just look even wider when he’s dressed in formal shirts? He keeps it casual with a cap and neutral earth tones but his nondescript dressing can’t cover his handsome looks.

6. Consistency is key.

We would wear similar ensembles more often too if it ensured we would look equally as great as he does in his trademark fashion look of a shirt tucked into pants with caps of every color.

7. In a bomber jacket on stage.

Where zipped up jackets may normally make people look less fit due to the bulk, Sehun pulls it off flawlessly due to his wide shoulders that make his waist look thin even hidden under the puffy jacket.

8. Dressed down but still slaying.

Sehun, even in glasses and an all-black ensemble, still manages to look picture perfect with the help of God-given beauty and his shoulders that are wider than the Pacific Ocean.

9. In this candid shot getting into a van.

In a shot taken at the airport, Sehun can be seen getting into a van. While his face is not visible, his body makes it absolutely unmistakable that it is him. His shoulders are literally as wide as the van’s door itself.

10. In a plain tee on stage.

While we’re pretty sure that isn’t an actual muscle tee, Sehun’s amazingly toned body just makes it look like the shirt is skin-tight. His defined arms and inverted-triangle body is a feast for the eyes.

It seems like just yesterday that Sehun was an 18-year-old teen taking the stage. As the group passes their eight year together, we can’t wait to see what more the talented visual has in store for the future! In the meantime, EXO-SC is gearing up for a comeback with a full-length album to be released on the 13th of July.

Source: Daum Cafe