EXO Still Tease Sehun About His “Wolf” Era Wink Even To This Day

It’s been over 6 years but they still won’t let him live it down:

Although it’s been years since EXO‘s “Wolf” era, there’s one thing that EXO just haven’t been able to forget — Sehun‘s iconic “Wolf” wink.


For reference here is the legendary wink! Notice anything about this wink, like say, the fact that Sehun was adorably unable to wink and ended up squeezing both his eyes shut?


Well, let’s just say EXO hasn’t let him forget about it since! EXO recently uploaded some behind-the-scenes moments from their EXO The Stage performance including one moment showing EXO never forget anything, especially if it’s good for teasing!


The reference to Sehun’s wink all began when Kai mentioned how good his slide was.

Ah, but my slide was done so well just now!

— Kai


Hearing the word “slide” immediately had Baekhyun taking a trip back in time, back to Sehun’s “Wolf” era slide. And with “Wolf” spoken aloud, well, EXO just couldn’t let the opportunity pass!

Baekhyun: But if it’s ‘sliding’, it’s ‘Wolf’ Sehunnie.

Chanyeol: Wink! Wink!

Chen: A winking fairy!


As Kai pointed out, although it’s been close to 7 years since that moment, Sehun still hasn’t heard the end of it!

Because of that wink he did once as a mistake, he’s been hearing about it for 7 years now.

— Kai


And even if Sehun insists that everyone knew he couldn’t wink and only did it because he was asked to…

No, I really can’t wink but I was told to wink so…

— Sehun


Well, chances are high that his hyungs will still tease him about it forevermore!