Fans Are Melting Over EXO Sehun’s Sweet Show Of Support To His “Busted” Costar

Sehun showed his sweet and caring side with a special surprise:

EXO‘s Sehun showed off his sweet and caring side with a very special surprise for his Busted! costar, Park Min Young!


Sehun and Park Min Young first got to know each other when they appeared as costars on the variety-thriller Busted!, and it looks like they’re still as close as ever after Sehun’s latest show of support to Min Young!


Park Min Young recently shared the pictures from the set of her latest hit drama Her Private Life including a few snapshots of a special food truck sent by Sehun! The special snack truck prepared for Min Young included a lot of sweet messages from Sehun cheering on his sunbae.

Messages included messages of good luck to “Her Private Life” and Min Young, as well as a message telling everyone to enjoy the delicious food!


Park Min Young also showed how much the gesture meant, with her own cute caption on the post!

Sehun is being all cute and cool. Thank you for the surprise gift!

— Park Min Young


The show of support, as well as Min Young’s reaction, have been melting everyone’s heart and it’s no surprise why!