EXO’s Sehun Took Care Of Baekhyun In The Middle Of Their Performance

Sehun does what he can for his hyung.

Over the years, EXO has done many performances. They know more than anyone that all sorts of incidents happen when on stage.


When Sehun spotted Baekhyun having one of those moments, he didn’t hesitate to help him take care of it.

In the middle of their “Monster” stage, all of them had just popped up after crouching down. Since Baekhyun’s hair had been flying all over the place, some of it was standing straight into the air from static.

As Baekhyun held onto one of Suho‘s arms for their next dance move, maknae Sehun was on the opposite side, holding his other arm. Baekhyun gave a smile, most likely realizing how disheveled he looked. Sehun took note and decided to act quickly to take care of it.

Right after letting go of Suho’s arm, Sehun reached over and patted Baekhyun’s head. He flattened the hair that was out of place and continued on with the rest of the performance like nothing had happened.

No matter what, Sehun will always take care of his hyungs like they take care of him.


See the sweet moment between them here.